IULs are one of the secrets wealthy people use.

You Can Use Them Too!

IULs Don't Have the Rules IRAs and 401k's Do.

  • You Don't Have to Wait Till 59 1/2 years old to use your money.
  • You NEVER pay a dime of tax on your gains… EVER!
  • There is NO LIMIT on how Much you can Contribute.
  • No Penalties or Fees for USING the Money WHILE Saving.
  • NEVER LOSE MONEY on the Market in Down Years!

Discover the Wealth Building Power of the IUL

Build Yourself a Compound Interest Tax Free Retirement

Reason 1:

Most financial advisors don't know that an account like this exists. Nor, do they know how to set it up to be legally tax-free for the account holder.

Reason 2:

Most financial advisors recommend financial vehicles that the company they've contracted with… tells them to recommend.  

Reason 3:

They don't want to take a pay cut! In IRAs and 401Ks, advisors charge fees and commissions on the deferred tax liability, which drives up your investing cost.

What our clients say about us

"Chris Lambert helped us understand exactly how we could use an IUL to help us have a very comfortable retirement. When he helped us understand just how useful the 'Be Your Own Bank' part would be for us... Wow! It opened up our eyes to a whole new world of possibilities and how to make our retirement A WHOLE NUTHER LEVEL of better without having to add anything to our budget... 'Amazing' is a better word for it than Wow!"

Trey & Meg E.

"Since retiring my 401k has gone thru 3 major losses. Each one scared us half to death! It's had some good years but really it's only been treading water and we were going to run out of money much too soon! Chris Lambert helped us roll it over into a FIA. Now, I have ZERO market losses, steady gains and an income neither one of us has a chance of outliving. Plus, what's left will go to my children. Peace of mind has never felt better!"

Royce & Donna T.

"I didn't know that you could get insurance where you could actually use the money in it while you were alive! And best of all, I now have to supplement my retirement AND pay my house off if the worst happens sooner! All anyone has ever bothered to show me was term. I'm sure term has it's place but for us, what a waste! Thank you for taking the time to explain this to me."

Matt & Carla D.

Benefits of IULs

Our business is taking care of your business!

Indexed Universal Life

Find out about the power that Being Your Own Bank (BYOB) and uninterrupted Compound Interest can bring to your retirement savings via an IUL. A 30 year old can retire with a million in cash with as little as $300 p/mo and have illness and death coverage at the same time. IUL's don't lose money when the market does! So you never have to spend precious compounding time just getting back to break even! That's the power uninterrupted compound interest brings that only an IUL provides!BONUS: AND... You also have access to the money the entire time... to use... while it is still compounding! BYOB

Be Your Own Bank

When you borrow against your IUL, your money never leaves your account! It remains there, earning compound interest while you use the money to buy other assets. The collateral is your death benefit. The interest on the loan comes back to your account, so you pay the interest to yourself!
You can do this over and over again. Imagine paying for a car and once paid off, you have the car AND the money, plus the interest that you used to buy the car with! This is call "Infinite Banking." A VERY powerful tool the rich use. Now you can too!


Are you concerned with market volatility? You can have your savings/401k earnings protected in an instrument that ONLY participates in market upswings and NOT the downswings and provide lifetime income that you won't outlive.
Annuities can be a part of your retirement strategy and also an option if your health prevents you from getting an IUL.

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